Where to Store Suitcases in a Small Apartment

where to store suitcases in small apartment

If you’re looking for the best way to store suitcases in a small apartment, there are plenty of options. The trick is to find a place where your suitcases will be out of sight and out of mind.

There are a few different ways to store your luggage, from under the bed to in the closet. However, if you can’t find a suitable spot to put it, you may have to resort to renting a storage unit.

Under the Bed or Couch

If you’re living in a small apartment and have a lot of suitcases, you may need to find a way to store them. Often, this involves finding a place that can fit all your bags without sacrificing the overall look of your room.

One of the best places to store suitcases in a small apartment is under the bed or couch. This is a great spot to place your luggage if you don’t want it out in the open, and also to keep it from scratching against the bed.

You can also use this space to store items that aren’t used frequently, such as quilts, memorabilia or thick jackets for the next season. Keeping these items out of the way but easily accessible will help keep your room organized and clutter free.

The space under the bed is ideal for storing shoes as well, which can save you a lot of space in your closet. Choose under-bed shoe organizers that have see-through lids, which will make it easier to locate your favorite pair when you need them.

Another great thing about storing your suitcase under the bed is that it can be protected from dust and debris. You can wrap your luggage in a plastic bag before placing it under the bed, which will help prevent dust from accumulating on the item and the area underneath it.

If you need extra storage in the bedroom, a good solution is to install bed risers that will lift your bed up several inches off of the floor, giving you even more space for storage.

Regardless of where you decide to put your suitcases, it’s important that you store them in a dry, cool area. You don’t want humidity or mildew to damage your suitcases, which can affect your upcoming trip. Additionally, you should avoid a location that has direct sunlight, as this can fade or discolor your suitcases and thereby ruin your travel plans.

Inside the Closet

If you have a closet in your small apartment, a great place to store suitcases is in the upper section. This way, they are accessible but out of the way. You can put them on the floor under hanging clothes or set them off to the side against the wall. This will also help you maximize the space in your closet.

If your closet is too narrow to store a suitcase, consider buying a storage drawer that can accommodate a few of them. They come in a variety of colors and sizes, and they can be used for travel clothing and toiletries.

These drawers also come with labels that make it easy to find the right item in the drawer. They are an excellent way to keep your closet organized and clutter-free.

Another option is to place your suitcase inside a storage box that’s meant for the purpose. These boxes are typically inexpensive and available at many stores. The box can be hung on a door or on the wall to save space and keep your luggage off the floor.

Alternatively, you could place the suitcase in a room that doesn’t get much sunlight, like a basement or attic. This will keep your luggage from getting damaged by sunlight and humidity. You’ll want to make sure that the space is dry, too, because moisture can cause mold and mildew to grow on your suitcase.

You can also place your suitcase in a closet in your hallway. This will free up space in the rest of your apartment and can be a good option if you don’t have any other options to store your suitcases.

A closet can also be a good place to store seasonal clothing. This will free up space in your wardrobe and will ensure that you don’t have to bring out different clothes for different seasons.

In addition, this will also make it easy to sort your clothes and organize them accordingly. This will prevent you from wasting time looking for a certain piece of clothing in the middle of the night or having to take multiple trips to the closet to find what you’re looking for.

Behind the Curtain

One of the best ways to save space is to tuck your suitcase away out of sight. Whether it’s behind a curtain or on the wall, there are plenty of options to choose from. The most obvious choice is to opt for a high-quality storage unit that can handle the weight of your bag without tipping over or falling off the wall. This will allow you to focus on a more important task such as packing for your upcoming vacation. The trick is to choose the right storage option for your lifestyle and home layout, as well as choosing wisely when it comes to buying a unit. You might be surprised by how much your luggage will cost you if you don’t shop around first!

Wall Space

When storing your suitcases in a small apartment, it’s important to consider the space available. For example, if you have an area where you can tuck in your suitcases, this could free up valuable storage space that you’ll be able to use for other items.

Another great place to store your suitcases is in a closet. This is a convenient option for those who travel frequently. You can install a hook or peg at the top of the closet ceiling and suspend your suitcase from above, as Catrin Morris suggests in Apartment Therapy’s “Tips For Storing Luggage at Home”.

If you have a bedroom, you may be able to place your luggage underneath your bed. This will help you save space in your room and prevent your suitcase from scratching the bed. However, be sure that you have enough space under your bed so that you can easily slide out your suitcase when you’re ready to go on a trip.

Lastly, you can store your suitcases on the wall if you don’t have a closet in your apartment. This will free up space in your bedroom and allow you to utilize the wall for other purposes. You can also install a hook in the door to hold your suitcase, but you should consult your apartment owner before drilling anything into your door.

Hopefully, these tips have helped you find a storage solution for your suitcases in a small apartment. If you still need a little more inspiration, don’t forget to check out our collection of creative small-apartment storage ideas!

March 28, 2023 8:03 pm