How to Make Your Apartment Look Expensive

When renting an apartment, it’s essential to carefully evaluate all its benefits and drawbacks. Visit at various times during the day and take note of noise levels or any other aspects which might disrupt your lifestyle.

Refreshing your apartment doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg; here are some simple hacks for giving it an expensive feel on a tight budget!

1. Paint the walls

One of the easiest and least costly ways to give the appearance of an expensive apartment is painting its walls. Choose either neutral colors that go with your furniture, or something more daring that makes a statement – be sure to paint all trim and baseboards the same hue so your apartment has an cohesive appearance.

Add texture to make your apartment appear luxurious by including things such as rugs, curtains and furniture in various textures – this will give your apartment more of an extravagant feel.

Add an element of luxury with small details: transfer hand soap into a glass pump dispenser; store utensils in beautiful canisters; or purchase an eye-catching toilet brush!

2. Add a rug

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to give your apartment an expensive feel is adding texture. This can be achieved using rugs, fabrics and furniture as part of a decor upgrade plan.

Add texture with throw pillows on a plain white sofa; silk or velvet curtains have luxurious fabrics with shine that make your apartment seem higher-end.

Add some life and fragrance into your space by including some house plants and fragrant candles in your decor. Not only can this bring more life and style into your space, but there are many health advantages associated with having houseplants inside as well.

When it comes to hiding an ugly TV in your apartment, using a decorative frame is an easy and budget-friendly way to spruce up the living room without shelling out big bucks for new television. Thrift stores and Salvation Army may even carry frames with pleasing designs at cheaper costs!

3. Add a mirror

No matter the size or layout of your entryway, adding a mirror will instantly elevate its aesthetic and functionality. Not only can a hanging mirror create an eye-catching focal point in your room but it’ll allow you to check yourself before heading out the door! If drilling into walls is prohibited use adhesive-back hooks instead for an effortless upgrade!

Mirrors are well-known decor hacks to make rooms appear larger; however, they can also add sophistication and cost. To achieve the latter effect, choose a mirror whose frame complements that of your window treatments or furniture pieces; for an alternative approach use one with faux windowpane frames to mimic real windows in your living area.

Add texture and depth to your apartment by choosing luxurious curtains like silk or velvet that add texture to the room. Also be sure to select the longest curtain rod possible to make windows appear larger.

4. Upgrade your furniture

Even if your apartment’s carpet or kitchen cabinets can’t be upgraded, upgrading its furniture can still make it appear luxurious. Consider wood furniture and statement pieces made of other materials as focal points in your home; for those on a tight budget there may even be secondhand pieces available; just remember to measure first before buying to ensure it will fit!

Add an air of luxuriousness to any space by mixing textures. Try layering Turkish rugs, wood arm chairs with metal accessories and velvet and silk throw pillows to give your space a custom look.

Flower bouquets can do wonders for any apartment, as their fragrance and beautiful hues bring instant elegance into any room. Plus, you can switch out your flowers every month for a new look on a budget! Houseplants also create an illusion of luxury while filtering air pollution and improving health; consider placing several potted plants around your apartment space to create lush spaces in which to live!

5. Add a few accessories

Though not as expensive than other decor tips on this list, accessories are a simple yet cost-effective way to give your apartment that luxurious look and feel. Great options include scented candles, fresh flowers and house plants that will not only smell lovely but add color as well.

Plush bath towels are another essential in any apartment and can be found at most home goods stores. Not only are they super soft but there is also an array of colors and styles to choose from!

Finally, another effective strategy for making your apartment appear expensive is adding textures. This can be accomplished through mixing different materials such as fur or linen into your decor.

November 18, 2023 3:49 pm