Can You Change Shower Heads in Apartments?

Before changing your shower head, always consult your lease agreement for rules regarding this upgrade. Some landlords prohibit it; others will permit it provided that the old one is stored safely.

Replacement shower heads may be necessary due to low water pressure or bacteria build-up. We will discuss whether changing it in an apartment complex is possible and how best to implement this change.

Lease agreement

Before changing the shower head in your apartment, it's essential to verify if doing so legally is permitted - your lease agreement could prohibit such modifications and/or consult a professional plumber before making changes.

Most lease agreements include clauses detailing whether tenants may change fixtures such as the shower head. Some also outline who is responsible for repairs and replacements. Most landlords do not mind tenants altering fixtures such as shower heads; however, always read your contract first if this change is proposed; otherwi…

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How to Muffle Dog Barking in Apartment

Dogs are part of many households, and while their occasional barking and noisy antics might not cause much concern among neighborly homes, the constant barking that follows a puppy around can become annoying and cause sleep disruptions and irritability among neighbors.

One effective method to stop barking is minimizing external distractions by drawing the blinds or curtains shut.

1. Draw the Blinds and Curtains

As barking noise from dogs can travel very far and be irritating to neighbors living in apartments, to be an effective pet owner while still having positive relationships with your neighbors you should take steps that minimize it. One such step would be creating a sound barrier within your apartment such as hanging heavy paintings or curtains in order to block barking sounds from reaching other apartments - plus visual barriers can help avoid neighborhood distractions that would encourage barking!

Dogs usually become distressed when they see somet…

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Are Huskies Good Apartment Dogs?

Some apartment complexes impose breed-restriction regulations on pet dogs, with Huskies being an especially large breed that requires extra space and may cause destruction if left alone.

Huskies are active dogs that require regular physical and mental stimulation. While providing this in apartments is possible, it will take an incredible amount of work and commitment from all involved.

They Shed A Lot

How much your dog sheds depends on their breed and grooming schedule; however, Huskies tend to shed more than other breeds, which can pose problems in apartments where if not taken care of on an ongoing basis the fur can build up quickly, leaving carpet stains or irritating neighbors or tenants who suffer from allergies such as pet dander or dust mites.

Huskies can also be known for being adept escape artists, often scaling apartment building windows to find an exit route. Once inside an apartment they can become destructive and cause havoc; their howls may…

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Why is My Carpet Wet in My Apartment?

Wet carpet needs to be addressed immediately as mold and mildew can spread rapidly across your home if left undisciplined.

Hairdryers and fans can be useful tools in quickly drying small patches of damp carpet. In dry conditions when windows can be open for ventilation, fans are also excellent ways to increase airflow.

Foundation Leaks

If wet spots appear without being caused by accidents or pets, a foundation leak could be to blame. This occurs when water lines built into your house's foundation crack and break, allowing water to seep up through floors into rooms of your home. Erosion or poor construction techniques used when building may also contribute.

As soon as a foundation leak causes wet carpet, the first step should be ensuring it hasn't spread elsewhere in your home. If it has, professional intervention must be sought immediately to resolve it before worsening occurs.

If the carpet leak is limited to an isolated area, however, there are …

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Does Apartment Square Footage Include Balconies?

Square footage is an integral component when selecting an apartment, typically determined by measuring length and width with a tape measure, then multiplying those numbers together.

Some areas aren't considered when calculating home's square footage, such as attics and basements; other spaces like garages and patios do factor in. Does an apartment's square footage include its balcony?

Balcony Size

Based on your apartment type and location, balcony sizes will differ accordingly; however, having an understanding of average dimensions is helpful when selecting an apartment. Balconies provide an ideal way to enjoy nature without giving up indoor living space - in addition they serve as storage for any extra items that don't fit inside an apartment.

Balconies can also serve as an entertaining spot, perfect for gathering with family and friends. A large balcony could accommodate a dining table and chairs to provide an inviting space to sit back, enjoy your mea…

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Are Dachshunds Good For Apartments?

Many apartment buildings have specific pet policies for dogs, with size requirements. Before getting one for yourself, be sure to verify that it meets the regulations set by your apartment complex.

Dachshunds can be loud barkers, and their excessive energy needs to be released daily through play or exercise. Unfortunately, this can create issues in apartments if their barking disturbs nearby residents.


Dachshunds are small dogs that do not require much space for exploration or knocking over items, making them excellent apartment companions. Due to this affectionate and social personality, however, regular interaction and exercise will ensure their brain stays sharp without becoming bored and destructive.

Dachshund owners must dedicate themselves to giving their dogs plenty of exercise, playtime and attention. A professional trainer could help owners train and teach basic obedience skills to their dog(s). In addition, owners should work on socializati…

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How Old to Rent an Apartment in the United States

Moving out of your parent's house and renting an apartment is an exciting milestone, yet age of majority varies between states and some landlords refuse to rent to minors.

Renting an apartment requires both a steady income and excellent credit history, neither of which most minors possess. Landlords tend to view college students and teenagers with suspicion, as they could potentially become less reliable tenants.

Age of Majority

United States law states that the age of majority for renting apartments is 18. This means a person must be 18 or over in order to rent one, though many landlords will still accept those under this age as it's against the law - however this doesn't mean finding one won't happen, it simply requires additional research and effort on your part.

Once you reach the legal age to rent, the next step should be proving that you can afford your rent payment. To do this, provide documents proving income such as pay stubs or bank statements a…

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How Do Apartments Replace Light Bulbs?

light bulbs can set the perfect atmosphere in any room by altering its atmosphere and atmosphere, creating the illusion of more or less space, highlighting pieces of artwork, saving on energy bills and helping save energy costs - but they may be difficult to replace if located in hard-to-reach spots such as high ceilings.

Tenants typically are responsible for making light adjustments within their rental homes or apartments; however, landlords may offer their assistance if an inconvenient situation arises for one of their tenants.


Usually it falls to tenants to change light bulbs in their rental property; it is considered one of the easier maintenance tasks a renter can perform. Working lightbulbs make an apartment or rental house safer at night; however there may be times when landlords should take over this task instead.

Landlords should consider replacing light bulbs if their issue is becoming an inconvenience for tenants. It could be that an awk…

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Why Are Top Floor Apartments More Expensive?

Higher floor apartments often feature breathtaking views that justify their premium price tags, while they can also be more costly to maintain due to higher maintenance costs.

Living on the top floor also means climbing up and down stairs if your building does not offer elevator service, which may prove challenging if you regularly carry groceries or heavy items up and down them.


Some residents enjoy living on the top floor of an apartment building because it gives them amazing views and maximum sunlight, without being bothered by noise from people moving about or children playing above them. Unfortunately, however, this lifestyle comes at the cost of higher energy bills and more obstructed windows; furthermore it makes accessing shared facilities such as gyms, laundry rooms, and coworking spaces difficult for elderly individuals who find walking down multiple flights of stairs difficult.

Apartment prices depend heavily on factors like location a…

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What Charges Can Stop You From Getting an Apartment?

Every applicant who submits an apartment application undergoes an intensive screening process; those with prior felony convictions are subject to even more stringent requirements for approval. Some states have laws protecting people with criminal histories from discrimination; however, in reality it remains difficult for these people to find housing. 1. Credit Check Many landlords require credit checks before renting an apartment, and an unfavorable score could prevent your application from being approved. Usually this is to ensure you can cover your monthly rent payments on time. Credit reports also demonstrate how much debt you carry, which may raise concerns among landlords. Carrying too much debt may make it hard for some applicants to afford rent each month when additional large expenses such as student or car loans arise. Other red flags that could prevent you from finding an apartment include late payments on credit cards or loans, collections accounts and repossess…
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