Apartment Bathroom Decor

If your apartment bathroom feels bland, a little decor can go a long way in rejuvenating it. Try adding a bold colored shower curtain, hanging a simple mirror or adding decorative accents for a personalized touch in the space.

Make use of shelf space in apartment bathrooms by adding a rattan one for storage of cotton balls and other toiletries.

Storage Solutions

Apartment bathrooms often lack storage, but there are still ways you can make them better. A simple paint job can go far in making the space feel brighter and larger; especially with vibrant hues that contrast against the light walls typical in rentals.

Introduce open shelving into your bathroom space as another way to give the illusion that it is larger than it actually is. Open shelves are trending right now and provide an effective way of storing items such as soap, toilet paper and other basic essentials without crowding your bathroom or taking up precious floor space. Incorporating decorative baskets will complete your apartment bathroom decor!

A bathtub caddy can provide an easy and stylish solution to keeping items organised while taking a bath or shower, while shower curtain rods will add modern flair to your space.

Don’t overlook adding finishing touches like hanging items like framed art prints and wreaths with flowers in colors that complement your bathroom style to the walls – these details can give your bathroom that hotel-like atmosphere we all desire!


Mirrors can add an elegant, luxurious feel to any bathroom, creating the illusion of more space and making small areas appear larger. Framed mirrors make a timeless statement while making small rooms seem bigger; for those who prefer minimalist styles, frameless options provide horizontal or vertical placement and work well in narrower bathrooms.

Your bathroom should incorporate unique shapes to add an eye-catching decorative element. In this charming bathroom by Shannon Eddings Interiors, a curved mirror adds feminine charm while two wall sconces can serve as focal points either side of it.

If you prefer natural-inspired designs, wicker mirror frames might add the perfect natural touch. Their texture adds visual interest while pairing perfectly with wood cabinets or tile surfaces; here, designers added brass details for a finishing touch.

A large mirror can transform a space, particularly when framed to extend below a vanity like this bathroom by Patterson Custom Homes. Its reflective white paint serves to brighten and lighten up this inviting area of the bathroom, adding brightness and warmth.

Pottery Barn offers this mirror with an aluminum frame and MDF backing designed to withstand humid environments. Available in multiple color choices and capable of being hung horizontally or vertically depending on space available, this piece comes complete with pre-installed mounting hardware; however if your walls are uneven you may require to reinforce its hooks using drywall anchors.

Sink Skirts

Sink skirts are more commonly found in traditional bathroom designs and add an elegant, soft touch. Not only do they hide bulky plumbing under pedestal or wall-hung sinks, they can also conceal bulky plumbing beneath them. Some designers may balk at having fabric skirts in a bathroom; others embrace them as an opportunity to bring color and pattern into their space.

Curtains or sheets can easily create the perfect skirt for your sink, from pinch pleats to rod pockets and grommet headers for an updated look. When hemming fabric be sure to use fusible webbing tape for maximum moisture-wicking capabilities and mold-resistance.

Samantha Friedman had an ingenious solution for getting access to the area under her sink in order to clean it: installing her skirt with Velcro so she could easily remove and wash its fabric as necessary.

Skirts have traditionally been used to dress up a pedestal sink and conceal exposed plumbing, but they’re just as useful in smaller spaces with wall-hung basins. When selecting fabric with bold colors or patterns for your skirt, look for pieces with visual interest – this will provide your space with some personality! You could also embellish it with ribbon or other trim for additional oomph!

Storage Baskets

Apartment bathroom storage baskets are an attractive, functional way to organize your space. You can organize items by category such as toiletries, makeup, towels and cleaning supplies, while adding labels helps you quickly locate what you’re searching for. When selecting the basket that best matches your decor and bathroom style, take into consideration its size, material as well as colors/style that compliment other bathroom accessories.

One easy way to add some personality and flair to your apartment bathroom is by switching out the shower curtain. Consider looking for one with bold patterns or unique hues that expresses who you are; or add wall art for more decorative options that go beyond utilitarian function.

Add an innovative flair to your bathroom storage with an eye-catching storage ladder! Use its open design to give an illusion of more floor space while stacking towels on its rungs or using as shelves for decorative items.

Oradrem offers another convenient storage solution – the Oradrem Wire Basket Organizer with Classic Designs. Featuring a metal frame and classic-designed wire baskets, it is highly customer reviewed and offers high customer ratings – making it an excellent addition to your apartment bathroom! Eco-friendly materials used in its construction provide long lasting use in different parts of the home.

Decorative Towels

Decorative towels add an elegant flair to any space, adding both function and style. Crafted of more luxurious fabric than standard toweling, decorative towels feature aesthetic elements such as embroidery, patterns or colors for display or drying purposes – creating the illusion of an oasis in any apartment bathroom!

Rolling your towels can add visual interest, make grabbing one faster when leaving the bathroom and require less storage space than folded towels. They look lovely displayed on a towel rack or over your doorway!

If you have the space, hanging an accent wall of wallpaper is an easy and cost-effective way to give your bathroom an updated feel and make it more homey. Look for peel-and-stick options which allow for quick installation without damaging existing walls in your apartment complex.

If your bathroom doesn’t have space for a full vanity skirt, try placing a woven or macrame basket on your bathroom counter to store essentials such as extra toilet paper, q-tips and cotton rounds. With so many styles and variations to choose from, there’s sure to be one to fit into any decor theme – adding texture is another great way to make it feel more welcoming; add something like a woven basket or hang macrame art and these touches will instantly elevate it.

Wall Art

Bathrooms make great places to display art. Framed fine art adds color and variety, from abstract designs, nature prints and even cityscapes. Some pieces even come equipped with mirrors for double the decorative impact! If you don’t want to install an entire gallery wall just yet, simply group together several smaller framed prints for an eye-catching display.

Alternatively, floating or open shelving can serve as the perfect place to show off your prized pieces. This set of botanical print wall art features an eye-catching watercolor illustration of Monstera leaves as well as an inviting message encouraging relaxation and rejuvenation.

If you’ve been procrastinating on hanging artwork in your apartment bathroom, now is the time to do it! You may be amazed at just how effortless it is to transform it using decorative accessories; when you see how great your loo looks you’ll be glad that finally got around to doing it.

January 1, 2024 6:56 am