Where to Store Christmas Decorations in Apartments

Holiday decorating is a wonderful way to get into the spirit, but what are you going to do with all your decorations once the season ends?

Apartment living makes storing Christmas decorations challenging, so we have provided some useful advice to make storing more straightforward. By following these suggestions you’ll have everything in order when decorating next year!


Christmas decorations come in all shapes, sizes and styles – some taking up more storage than others. If you’re working with limited storage space, it may help to plan how you will store your holiday items prior to beginning decorating; that way you won’t waste any precious room and will have everything needed come time to decorate again next year.

When it comes to storing Christmas ornaments, safety should always come first. One easy way of doing this is placing towels around the base of your tree to catch any shattered ornaments; taking care when removing each ornament that it doesn’t accidentally dislodge any higher up; sorting by style, size or color so retrieval will be simpler when ready.

Use the same approach when it comes to storing other Christmas decor, like wreaths and garlands. If you don’t have their original boxes anymore, invest in a storage bag to preserve their shape and condition; there are also many dedicated containers designed specifically for wreaths and garlands which feature cardboard dividers so it’s easier to see what’s inside each container.

People often have an abundance of old ornaments from years past or passed down from family. While you might be tempted to dispose of these pieces, giving them new life can actually save money and reduce waste! This approach works especially well if your budget restricts you from purchasing brand new decorations each year.

Although decorating and hosting in an apartment can be challenging, the holidays don’t need to be stressful or tiresome. With just a few smart hacks, you can create the festive home of your dreams without breaking your lease agreement or losing valuable storage space. Just follow our small apartment Christmas decoration and hosting hacks, and your rental will remain festive all season long.

Under the Bed

At Christmas time, temperatures become slightly crisper and faces light up with joyousness. Now is also the time of year when many Americans celebrate by pulling out all the stops to decorate their home with festive decor – including garland, holly berries and other decorations that bring your house alive with spirit! However, before embarking on this festive adventure it’s essential that you know where and how to store apartment Christmas decorations so they remain undamaged for next year.

To keep your apartment Christmas decorations in good shape, utilize the space beneath large pieces of furniture like beds and sofas. Consider purchasing bed risers to provide space for storage bins underneath these beds and sofas or simply place large plastic storage bins there to hold artificial trees, wreaths, ornaments, lights, etc. Label each container so it will be easier for you to retrieve your decorations when next year comes around!

Sort your Christmas ornaments by size or color for easy decorating purposes, using either an attractive storage box with removable dividers or even just an egg carton to store each grouping. Soft cotton padding may help protect more delicate ornaments.

If you prefer an understated approach to decorating your apartment for Christmas, try hanging festive signs around the room as an economical way of spreading holiday cheer and making guests smile as they pass by. Or add one-liners that remind everyone about your favorite holiday memories.

No matter if you prefer turning your apartment into a winter wonderland or simply adding subtle decorations, these tips for storing holiday decorations will ensure they look their best year after year. With a designated storage area and ample labels, you’ll soon be decorating for the holidays in no time at all!

Hanging Storage Bins

As you assemble or take down holiday decorations, it can be easy to forget to consider storage space – however if you want your apartment looking festive all year, this should not be done without consideration. There are plenty of creative solutions for storing Christmas decorations without making your place appear cluttered or risking their loss from weather conditions.

If you have the space, garage, shed and attic can all serve as excellent locations for storing Christmas tree ornaments and bulky items such as bulky books. If not, convert corners into makeshift storage areas by using bins creatively to turn empty corners into makeshift storage spots.

Plastic and cardboard containers are great solutions for storing smaller items, as they’re inexpensive, sturdy and come in an assortment of colors to help identify their contents. Mark each box clearly so you’re easily able to locate what you need come next year.

Small and affordable gadgets are also available that can assist with decorating without breaking the bank. For instance, twinkly lights that turn into an unruly knot may benefit from wrapping them around squares of cardboard, or using one of the new “reel-type” contraptions designed to unwind and store lights without hassle.

Once you’ve designated your space, use bins and containers to organize your decorations. Label each container so you can easily find what you need when it comes time to decorate again; additionally, vacuum-seal larger items so they are protected from dust or other contaminants while in storage.

Some people prefer decorating for one holiday at a time while others like to switch it up every year. No matter your preference, be prepared when it’s time to put away all those seasonal decorations you used to bring joy into your Forest Properties apartment with these small apartment Christmas decorating tips and hosting hacks – they will help ensure an enjoyable season while staying damage-free and lease compliant!

Shrink Wrap

Decorating for Christmas doesn’t have to be difficult when living in an apartment; with smart decorating and storage solutions you can transform your apartment into the holiday haven of your dreams without going over your lease’s allowed room allowance or straining yourself when taking down everything at the end.

Start with a straightforward color palette to give your apartment more light and space, then build upon it as the basis of all other decorating touches. Light green and white decorations can instantly brighten a living room; red accents add festive flare at dinner tables; you could also incorporate other hues in small ways – hanging some Christmas signs on walls is one such way of adding colour!

At holiday time, most retailers offer discounted decorations. If there’s something specific you have your eye on for your apartment decor, don’t hesitate to take advantage of sales if it fits. Doing so ensures the best value and allows you to enjoy that piece year after year!

Use existing homewares and linens to add seasonal flare without breaking the bank. Swapping out regular pillow covers with holiday-themed ones can give a festive look for no additional cost, or hanging Christmas-themed dish towels on your kitchen rack can bring joy and lighten your day!

Sorting ornaments and decorations into an organized, space-efficient storage solution is an ideal way to maintain order among your collection and prevent damage. Baubles and round ornaments can quickly become damaged when stored among other objects; plastic shoeboxes or reused egg cartons offer safe yet space-efficient storage for such fragile objects as baubles. You could even utilize cardboard sheets from larger bins as temporary homes for smaller fragile pieces such as bobbles and Santa hats.

If you’re planning to bring a tree into your apartment this holiday season, invest in a storage chest designed specifically to keep it secure. A rolling storage chest will shield wreaths and garlands from moisture, pests and heat while remaining upright for easy transport from one room to the next.

July 29, 2023 3:44 pm