Putting Up Blackout Curtains in an Apartment

how to put up blackout curtains in an apartment

Hanging curtains in an apartment can be challenging. Not only are you often limited in terms of the types of window treatments you can put up, but many landlords won’t allow you to make holes in the wall for them.

Thankfully, there are several ways to hang blackout curtains in an apartment that don’t require drilling into the wall. These simple solutions are easy to install, damage-free and look stylish.

Measure twice and drill once

Putting up blackout curtains is an ideal way to create privacy and block out light when you need it most. However, there are many issues to consider if you live in an apartment. For one thing, it can be difficult to hang curtains without damaging the walls or upsetting your landlord.

Fortunately, there are several options for hanging curtains in an apartment without damaging the wall or causing damage to your security deposit. For example, adhesive strips and command hooks can help you get your curtains up without putting any holes in the walls.

Before you start hanging your curtains, make sure to measure the width of your window and the distance from the ceiling to where you want your curtain rod to be installed. This will help you choose the right size curtain rod and ensure that it is installed at the correct height.

Next, use a stud finder to locate the wooden studs in your apartment’s walls. Then, attach the curtain rod to these studs using screws.

If you have trouble finding studs, you can use mounting brackets to secure the curtain rod. These brackets are designed to support the weight of your curtain and prevent it from sagging or falling off the wall.

Another option is to use a tension rod. These rods can be purchased in a variety of styles, including black, white, brushed nickel, and bronze. They are great for hanging lightweight fabrics, and they can also be hung from a flat surface, such as a ceiling.

To hang this type of curtain rod, you need to have a friend help you connect it together. Once you have your rod attached to the mounting brackets, secure it with set screws or a twist knob at the end of each.

Finally, place your blackout curtains over the top of the curtain rod. You’ll want to hang them a few inches beyond the frame of the window on all sides, so that they can fully cover the window and prevent light from streaming in.

This method can be a little time-consuming and is not suitable for all curtains, but it’s an easy and effective way to put up blackout curtains in your apartment. In addition, this method doesn’t require any drilling or screws, so it is a perfect option for renters who are limited on their budget.

Make sure to use a stud finder

When you want to hang curtains in your home, one of the most important things you can do is make sure they are properly supported. To do this, you need to use a stud finder.

This will help you determine how high your curtains should be and where they should be hung on the wall. It will also help you avoid damaging the walls or putting holes in them.

A stud finder can be very useful when putting up blackout curtains in your home, so it is worth investing in one. It can save you a lot of time and effort by letting you know where the studs are in the wall.

There are several types of stud finders, including magnetic, electronic, and phone-based. Each type of stud finder has its pros and cons, but they all can help you hang curtains in your home.

Electronic stud finders are battery-powered devices that sense changes in the density of a wall and show them on their display. They can be a bit more expensive than magnetic or phone-based types, but they are extremely accurate and easy to use.

For example, the Franklin ProSensor 710 stud finder has an array of LEDs that indicate where a wood or steel stud is located behind drywall. It can also locate multiple studs at once, making it easier to mark where you need to drill your screws or nails.

It’s best to use a stud finder before drilling any holes in the wall, and it will ensure that your work is done with minimal damage. A stud finder can also help you detect if you have electrical wiring or pipes inside the wall that might be difficult to locate with a hammer.

To use a stud finder, place the flat side against the wall and turn it on. Move it to the left and right until you hear a beep or flash of light to let you know that you have located the closest stud. Repeat until you have found all the studs.

Once you have all the studs detected, you can begin to mount your curtain rod. Before you begin, be sure to clean your workspace and remove any objects that could interfere with the accuracy of your stud finder. You should also ensure that the batteries are fresh and functioning. This will ensure that you get the most out of your stud finder and avoid false readings.

Use mounting brackets

Whether you’re moving into an apartment or just want to change up your space, window treatments can be an excellent way to add privacy and decor. However, it’s not always easy to hang curtains in a rental. If your landlord prohibits drilling, or if the walls in your apartment are too uneven to attach screws, then mounting brackets may be an ideal option for you.

The easiest way to mount your curtain rod is to use a set of no-drill brackets that sit on top of the window frame. These brackets are a good option for renters because they don’t damage the wall and don’t require any tools to install.

Kwik-Hang and Tap Brackets are two brands that offer no-drill brackets that fit into the window trim. The brackets come in a variety of sizes and colors, and you can purchase a center support for larger windows or a pair of corner brackets to add extra stability to your rod.

To install the brackets, first mark where you’ll put them on the wall using a pencil. This will ensure you don’t miss any spots when you’re hanging the rod. Then, use a screwdriver to screw the brackets in place.

When you’re done, make sure that the sides of the brackets are even and use a level to check for any misalignment. Once you’ve secured them, install the curtains.

Another option for putting up blackout curtains in an apartment is to use industrial-strength suction cups. These are simple to install and can be moved from room to room or rolled up and carried with you.

You can also choose from a wide selection of curtain rods that are designed to block light from the top and sides of your windows. These are especially helpful for apartments that lack natural light.

In addition to these options, you can use a variety of other ways to hang your curtains in an apartment. Some of these methods include adhesive strips, removable adhesive hooks, and nonintrusive rod designs. You can also hire a handyman to install your curtains for you if you’re not comfortable doing it yourself.

Use adhesive strips

When it comes to putting up blackout curtains in an apartment, there are several options to consider. You can either install them on a rod or on the wall using adhesive strips. These methods are easy to do, and they will leave no lasting damage to the walls of your apartment.

You can also use command hooks or tension rods to hang curtains in an apartment. These systems can be purchased at most DIY stores and work for most window widths. They’re a great solution for putting up curtains in an apartment, but they do need to be carefully selected based on the weight of the curtains and your needs.

Another option for putting up blackout curtains in an apartment is to purchase self-adhesive pleated shades. These are a fast and easy way to get your windows blackout, but they will not darken the room as much as a traditional curtain rod or ceiling mounted curtain rod.

If you’re going to use this method, you will need to remove the existing mini-blind brackets from your windows. It is also important to clean and flatten the drywall around your windows before installing the shades.

This will prevent any snags in the window frames and also ensure that you do not damage your landlord’s walls when removing them later on. If you have to remove them, it is a good idea to patch the holes with wood filler and paint the area.

Before you begin hanging your curtains, you will need to decide on the size of the rod. You want the rod to be wide enough to hold your curtains and strong enough to support them. This is especially important if you’re hanging blackout curtains.

Once you’ve chosen a rod, make sure to choose one that will allow your curtains to overlap in the middle when they are closed. This will help you block out more light and prevent glare from the sun.

If you are unable to hang your blackout curtains using the above methods, you can still get them up and down quickly and easily by utilizing suction cups. This method is a good alternative for those who do not have access to a traditional curtain rod or do not want to damage their apartment walls by installing a traditional curtain rod.

April 2, 2023 6:42 am