How to Take Apart a Bed Frame With No Screws

how to take apart a bed frame with no screws

If you are considering a move or simply need to make room in your bedroom for other things, learning how to take apart a bed frame with no screws is simple. Start by removing the headboard and footboard.

Clear out enough space in your bedroom to work, then grab a friend and get started. Keep all hardware organized and in a labeled baggie to simplify reassembly later on.

Remove the Headboard and Footboard

While it may seem like the bed frame is one solid piece, it actually comes apart into a few easy-to-handle sections. Depending on your frame, some of these pieces might require the use of a screwdriver and other tools to dismantle. Before you start taking it apart, remove the mattress and box spring from the bed, and set them aside in a safe place.

If your bed frame has headboard and footboards that connect to the side rails with screws, unscrew these with a screwdriver and set them aside. Then, if your side rails hook into the bottom inside of the headboard and footboards, lift one bedpost and position it on a block to push the brackets loose. Once they’re free, the side rails will come off with a little effort and you can set them aside.

Next, if your mattress rests on a platform, loosen the bolts holding it to the frame using a wrench. Then, gently lift up the platform and set it aside. If your frame has a slat system instead, you’ll have to roll up each slat before setting them aside. Count the number of slats you have and label them to keep track of what goes where when you put the bed back together.

Unless your bed frame is made from metal, the headboard and footboards probably attach to the side rails with nails and screws. If that’s the case, lift a corner of each board and try to hit the nail or screw head with a hammer. Repeat with the other corners until the nail or screw pops out and you can pull it off by hand.

The same method should be used for detaching the storage side rails if your bed frame has them. If the side rails are connected with hooks that rest on pins in the leg brackets, you might have to give the rail a sharp upward hammer blow near the connection point to loosen the hook. Once they’re free, you can pull the first storage side rail out of the post slots and then the other.

Remove the Side Rails

While taking apart a king size bed frame may seem daunting at first, it actually doesn’t have to be. The process isn’t difficult, and with a little effort, you can take apart your bed and transport it safely during your move.

Begin by removing your mattress and box spring from the bed frame, then laying them aside. This will make the rest of the process much easier.

Locate the two longest metal pieces in your bed, which are known as the side rails. These are the most important components in your bed, and they’ll likely be attached to both the headboard and footboard. Locate the connections between these two pieces and use your screwdriver to remove any screws, bolts, or nuts that hold them together.

Most side rails will connect to their respective headboard and footboard with small metal brackets that hook into slots on the side of each board. Using the screwdriver to loosen these hooks will typically work, but a hammer may be necessary if your frame is particularly sturdy. If the connecting hooks are too tight to budge, a sharp upward hammer blow near the connection point can sometimes help loosen them.

After the hooks are removed, you can remove the side rails by simply pulling them straight up. They will usually come out easily, but you should check to ensure that no screws or bolts are connecting them to the boards. During this step, it’s a good idea to drop any screws or bolts into a sealable plastic bag to prevent losing them during the disassembly process.

Once you’ve separated the side rails from the headboard and footboard, you can begin removing the slats from the bed frame. Depending on the style of your bed, slats may be connected to the side rails with screws or may hook into slots in the bottom inside of the headboard and footboard. If the slats are screwed into the bed rails, you’ll need to unscrew them and stack them up so that you can carry them during the disassembly and transportation processes.

Remove the Slats

If your bed does not have a box spring, it probably sits on a platform of slats. If this is the case, remove the slats before you continue dismantling the frame. This will expose the bed rails.

Many beds use hooks to attach the headboard and footboard to the rails. These can be removed by simply lifting and pulling the boards away. However, some beds use a screw/bolt connection between the bed rails and the headboard and footboard. This type of connection can be unscrewed by using a wrench to grasp the nut and turning it counterclockwise. Be careful not to strip or break the bolt or screw head as you turn it.

The next step is to disconnect the side rails from the headboard and footboard. This can usually be done by removing the screws or bolts that connect the side rails to the footboard and headboard. This may require a screwdriver or Allen wrench. Be sure to put these in a safe place and not lose them.

Once the side rails are detached from the headboard and footboard, it is time to start removing the slats from the bed frame. This may be a difficult task as the slats are usually very thick. It is recommended that you have a friend help you with this step.

Some bed frames have a slat that connects to the corner brackets of the frame and holds the mattress in place. If this is the case, it will be necessary to detach the slats from these corner brackets before continuing. Some slats are joined together and can be rolled up. Others are separate, and it is important to keep track of which slat goes with each one so that they can be reassembled in the proper order. It may be helpful to number or color code the slats as you detach them.

It is important that you take your time and work carefully as you disassemble the bed. This will prevent you from injuring yourself or damaging the pieces of furniture. Once the slats are removed from the bed, it is a good idea to wrap them in blankets or other protective materials for transport.

Disassemble the Frame

When you have removed the headboard and footboard, as well as any sideboards (if there are any), you should be left with a bare frame. If you have a wooden frame, wrap it in a blanket or some other large fabric to protect the surface from scratches and dings. Alternatively, you can purchase bubble wrap or foam peanuts to pack the frame in.

Before starting to disassemble the bed frame, examine it carefully to determine what tools you will need for the job. It is also a good idea to have another person around, especially if you are disassembling a bulky bed frame like a sleigh bed. It is not safe or recommended to lift such a heavy load by yourself.

Once you have all of the screws and nails removed, place them in a safe place. There is nothing more frustrating than misplacing a screw or nail when you’re putting your furniture back together! So, to avoid this, keep all of the hardware materials in a container or bag that is labeled with the name of the piece of furniture. This way, when it’s time to put your bed frame back together, you won’t have any problems finding the right materials.

The next step is to remove the slats from the frame. The slats will usually be screwed or bolted to the bed frame, so you will need a screwdriver or wrench to unscrew them. Once you have removed the slats, you can move on to disassembling the rest of the frame.

Once all of the slats have been removed from the bed frame, you can start removing the bolts and screws that hold the frame together. Once again, it’s a good idea to place all of these screws and bolts in a secure plastic bag or container and label them. This will help you keep track of what goes where when it’s time to reassemble the bed frame in your new home.

May 7, 2023 3:53 pm