How to Burglar Proof Your Apartment

Burglars break into apartments more often than they do single-family homes, and that’s why it’s important to burglar proof your apartment.

The good news is that there are a number of easy ways to do so, even if you’re renting. Keep reading to learn a few of them.

1. Lock your doors and windows

Having all your doors and windows locked up is a great first step to ensuring that your apartment is secure. But there are some extra security tips you can implement to further protect your home.

The first thing you can do is to install a high-security lock on your front door. These locks are pick-proof and drill-resistant, which can make it much harder for burglars to get in.

You can also consider installing a drilled window lock, which will prevent thieves from prying open your windows. These locks are much better than latches, which are easily picked by pry bars.

Another way to deter burglars is to place motion lights in the area around your home. These lightbulbs are often programmed to turn on and off when someone walks by, which can deter intruders from coming near your apartment at night.

Additionally, it’s important to keep your apartment well-lit during the day. This is especially true if you are living in a lower-level unit.

Finally, it is also important to be cautious in and around elevators. Be aware of what is going on in the elevator and don’t leave notes or other valuables in it.

It’s also a good idea to establish an informal “neighborhood watch” so that you can share information about suspicious activities in your apartment. This can help to catch burglars early on before they’ve had time to steal anything valuable.

Once you’ve taken these steps, your apartment will be a much safer place to live. Then, you can enjoy your new home without fearing that your belongings may be at risk. But just in case, you should be sure to have renter’s insurance to cover your losses.

2. Install a security system

When it comes to burglarproofing your apartment, a home security system is one of the best ways to protect yourself. It can help deter crime and provide an additional level of peace of mind, and it’s one of the easiest and most cost-effective investments you can make in your home.

You can choose to hire a professional to install your system, but you can also do it yourself. Many DIY systems require little to no technical knowledge and are easy to install.

If you’re renting your place, it’s important to check with your landlord before installing a security system in your apartment. If you do it without permission, this could violate your rental agreement and result in the loss of your security deposit.

A simple security upgrade can improve your safety, and it’s an especially good idea if you share the place with roommates or family members. Consider changing the locks on your doors and windows. You can even get keyless locks that don’t require a key to open.

Another option is to purchase door alarms that sound an alarm if someone tries to break in. These devices often have a motion sensor that triggers when someone moves within range of them.

Finally, you can install window and door sensors that alert you to any activity within a specific area of your apartment. These sensors can be installed on the inside or outside of your home, and they’re usually simple to install and affordable.

You can also install a wireless camera that’s easy to set up and doesn’t require any technical skills or expertise. A wireless camera is a great choice for renters, and it’s less expensive than a wired camera.

3. Install a burglar alarm

Having a secure apartment is important for your safety and security. It can be hard to know where to start when it comes to making your apartment burglar proof, but with a few simple tips you can make your place safer.

First, it’s a good idea to install a burglar alarm in your apartment. These systems can be very cost-effective and easy to use. They usually feature an alarm control panel, keypads and sensors that detect when doors or windows open.

These sensors are typically magnetic and connect from the door or window jamb to the alarm system’s control panel. If the contact is broken, a signal is sent to the monitoring station and an alarm is triggered.

You can also add a smoke detector to the system, which will help to alert you to the presence of smoke or fire in your home. Smoke detectors can be either battery powered or wired into your apartment’s power supply, and they can be integrated with your burglar alarm as well.

It’s also a good idea to get rid of any large objects that might provide a hiding spot for a potential intruder. If you have trees, bushes or other large items in your yard, you should keep them trimmed so that they don’t present an obstacle to burglars.

Another effective way to protect your apartment is to have a Neighborhood Watch. It’s a great way to make sure that all your neighbors are aware of suspicious activity on your block. It also helps people to report crime, which is a big deterrent to thieves.

4. Install a tough home safe

When it comes to preventing burglars from stealing your valuables, installing a tough home safe is a great way to keep your possessions safe. Whether you’re looking to hide firearms or important documents, a safe will protect your belongings against fire, water and burglary.

A safe should be fixed to a strong part of the house, such as the floor, a portion of the foundation or an external wall. It should also be kept out of sight from plain sight, so that criminals will not be able to locate it easily.

Burglars are often a bit confused as to how to break into a safe, so it is important to make it as hard as possible for them to do so. This can be done by anchoring a heavy safe or by bolting it to the floor, according to Consumer Reports.

If you’re unsure where to install your safe, the best place is likely outside of your master bedroom. This is because the main area that burglars tend to target is the master suite, which includes the bathroom and closets within the bedroom.

Another good location for a safe is a basement or garage. However, these aren’t the most secure areas of your home, so be sure to take this into consideration when choosing a spot for your safe.

Once you’ve found a good location, it’s time to find a safe that meets your needs. This will depend on your budget and the amount of protection you’re looking for. The more expensive the safe, the more security features it should have.

5. Keep your valuables out of sight

One of the best ways to burglar proof your apartment is to keep your valuables out of sight. This can include cash, jewelry, electronics, and other possessions that are worth more than a few dollars. It’s important to keep these items out of the way, as burglars tend to target homes where they can see all the money and possessions that are inside.

You may want to keep your valuables in a safe that is bolted to the floor or wall. This can be a simple, inexpensive solution to keeping your precious belongings out of harm’s way.

Another important part of burglar proofing your home is to avoid leaving windows open. Burglars will often scope out your home before they hit it, and will use open windows to look through your house and find something worth stealing.

This is especially true if you have expensive tools or bikes stored in your garage. If your garage is used for storing these types of items, make sure to lock the door when you’re not at home.

Also, keep your windows covered and firmly latched so that thieves cannot see through them or enter your home. This will help discourage potential burglars from choosing your home as their next target.

Lastly, keep your valuables out of your yard. It’s a good idea to get rid of any large, visible objects that could give a burglar a place to hide, such as large trees, bushes or a fence.

You can also take the extra step of hiding your valuables in a waterproof container. This can protect your belongings from water or other invasive substances, such as pesticides and food.

April 2, 2023 7:13 pm