Creative and Inexpensive Ways to Hang Stuff in an Apartment

how to hang stuff in an apartment

Drywall is an abundant material in apartments and houses, but it isn’t particularly stable. If something heavy hangs from it without proper support, it could topple down.

There are various easy and safe methods available to you when hanging up items in your apartment that won’t cause any damage to the walls. Check out Stonehenge NYC for their tips to safely hang artwork or other objects in your new home!

Stump Finder

Hanging things correctly in your apartment requires the appropriate technique. If something too heavy or in the wrong manner is hung incorrectly, your landlord could take money out of your security deposit when you move out. In order to hang correctly, it’s essential that you know where wall studs are located and which kind of mounting tool will best serve that task; there are ways of finding out without making holes in walls!

Start by shining a flashlight into the wall where you wish to hang something, looking for dark and light spots at where the drywall meets wood support beams, which may provide clues as to where your nails should go for stability and weight distribution. Electrical outlets or switches located close to where studs exist should also help as they often nailed close by can serve as additional indicators of where nail placement needs to take place.

Once you find an area that looks promising, use a thin nail to probe it with. If your probe hits solid wood, that indicates you’ve located a stud; otherwise you must move up or down several inches and try again. Another way of testing for studs is gently tapping walls with a hammer; if any hollow sounds can be heard during testing then that indicates you likely aren’t on one.

Hanging Tools

Many renters fear affixing items to their walls due to fear of violating their lease agreement or losing their security deposit, yet this should not prevent people from making their place feel more like home through decorations and makeshift ways of hanging things such as using hooks instead of nails, creative hanging techniques that don’t involve hammering nails and/or risk damaging property belonging to landlords and more cost effective methods for hanging stuff without breaking your landlord’s agreement or losing security deposits.

Weight should always be your top consideration when hanging something in an apartment, since too heavy an object could damage walls or even break off if its anchor is inadequate. Furthermore, using suitable hanging tools is key; adhesive hooks or strips may work best when hanging light items such as posters, photo collages, or light decor such as posters; they’re easily removed later if necessary and they can even be easily attached and detached later on without leaving sticky residue behind. Hook-and-loop or Velcro tape could work for fabric items with greater weight capacities than hook-and-loop tape or hook-and-loop tape could work better.

Nails and screws are another popular method for hanging items in an apartment, although their installation requires careful hammering and can leave marks on the wall surface if done improperly. Before opting for this approach, ensure your landlord allows holes in the walls as well as there being no electrical wires or pipes nearby that might obstruct its use.

If you’re looking for an aesthetic way to display your art or books, easels are another great choice for apartments with small children and pets as they can fold away when not needed. When placed high up out of reach they provide extra safety from harm.

Mirrors are an effortless and cost-effective way to add some style and personality to any space. Not only can they make any room appear bigger, they can be part of a gallery wall featuring other decorative items or found for affordable prices at thrift stores.


Have fun hanging items on the walls at your Stonehenge NYC apartment – it will add that homey touch! But be careful to not compromise your renters insurance by making too many holes in the wall! Before driving a nail or screw into any surface, pass a powerful rare-earth magnet along the wall before driving nails or screws; this will attract any metal studs which might not be easily located with a stud finder.

Ask for Help

Hanging decor in your apartment rental can be tricky. Most landlords don’t permit holes to be punched into walls and will expect you to take down everything when moving out, but there are ways of hanging art that won’t damage walls. If you need advice, just ask the building super for assistance or they may offer to do it themselves!

There are various products designed to attach items to walls without leaving any trace, including adhesive and Velcro strips. Lighter pieces, like canvas prints, may work better while others might need heavier or larger items secured more securely. One popular solution are command strips – available in various sizes with dual adhesives that adhere securely to both artwork and walls – or sticky hooks designed to be quickly removed and reused; simply make sure it holds enough weight!

Alternative storage ideas include using a small picture rail or ledge to display smaller items like books, plants and decor that don’t require mounting, such as books. You can usually find these inexpensively at thrift stores and they add color and life to any room!

If you don’t have the budget for expensive artwork, an economical and easy solution would be using thumb tacks to create a gallery wall of photos from your collection. Not only does this leave only two holes on the wall; you could use them to display your favorite photos.

July 6, 2023 11:22 am