Best Places to Live in New Jersey For Families

Finding a suitable location to live when moving with family is essential. Look for areas with good schools, low crime rates and plenty of family-oriented activities.

We’ve compiled a list of the best places in New Jersey for families, based on factors such as public schools, crime rates, cost of living and more.

1. Cranford

New Jersey is an attractive option for families looking to relocate due to its convenient access to both New York City and Philadelphia. There is also an abundance of family-friendly neighborhoods featuring excellent schools, safe communities, and plenty of activities on offer here.

When looking for a home with children, it’s essential to take several factors into account beyond school rankings alone. Things such as crime rates, cost of living and available amenities all play an integral part of deciding where to settle down in New Jersey. Here are five of the best places for families.

Cranford is an ideal community for families, offering top-rated schools, an active downtown district and various activities for children. Furthermore, this New Jersey town is well known for its low crime rate – one of the safest places to raise a family!

With more than 15 local parks to explore and play in, children in Lenape Park and Nomahegan Park have plenty of chances to be outdoors and experience fresh air. Plus there are two large county parks – Lenape Park and Nomahegan Park – providing even more space for running around and having fun!

Cranford’s downtown district is a lively hub, boasting both newly constructed apartments and historic landmarks. Families can enjoy spending a day shopping and dining among unique shops, restaurants and events such as Yale Terrace Brewery (microbrewery) or River and Rail Cantina which hosts regular music nights.

Summit is one of the top towns in New Jersey for families, offering top rated schools and an exciting downtown area full of restaurants, boutiques and recreational activities. Furthermore, Summit boasts affordable housing prices as well as direct train access into New York City.

2. Upper Montclair

Upper Montclair is an idyllic suburban community for families searching for safe neighborhoods, excellent schools and an active lifestyle. Situated in Essex County, Upper Montclair offers beautiful homes, lush parks, walkable downtown area and unique boutiques – an attractive package indeed!

According to New Jersey Family, this town offers “excellent schools, virtually nonexistent crime rates, and neighborhoods filled with young families”. Additionally, excellent schools exist alongside community events and recreational activities for residents to take part in. Furthermore, this thriving local economy boasts numerous shops and restaurants for shopping or dining out.

Livingston stands out as an exceptional town, boasting both excellent schools and low crime rates, as well as its beautiful downtown district featuring restaurants, shops, boutiques, recreation programs for children and teens, cultural events and festivals – and is close to NYC with an outstanding public school system.

Cherry Hill, with its wealth of shopping and dining options, makes an attractive family-friendly option. Its location near New York makes commuting easier while its schools rank among the highest in New Jersey. Furthermore, Cherry Hill boasts affordable housing making it attractive to families as a safe place for raising children with low crime rates and highly educated residents as well as one of the lowest poverty rates.

3. River Edge

If you are seeking the ideal place to raise your family, New Jersey might just be your answer. Offering top-rated schools, an economical cost of living and plenty of family activities as well as being safe and welcoming communities make New Jersey an excellent place for families.

Though school rankings may be tempting when selecting your new neighborhood, it’s also essential to consider your family’s lifestyle when making this decision. If daily commuting to NYC is on your agenda then towns like Short Hills, Summit, and Montclair with direct train service would likely be best. Mountain Lakes or Demarest may provide more suburban living.

Hillsdale is another town ideal for families. It has one of the lowest crime rates in Illinois and boasts excellent schools as well as beautiful parks for children to play in – creating a close-knit community that feels like home.

Paterson is another excellent option for families, boasting both a high standard of living and excellent schools. Additionally, its proximity to New York City and major highways make it ideal for commuters.

Ridgewood is another great town for families. Boasting both old and new living styles with historic homes and modern shops, as well as proximity to George Washington Bridge, there are parks, outdoor activities and restaurants galore for residents to take advantage of in Ridgewood – not forgetting an excellent school system rated highly by Niche users!

4. Westfield

Westfield is often considered an idyllic town for modern families, offering charming outdoor cafes, walkable downtown sidewalks, a wide array of shops and restaurants, and plenty of cooking classes at Classic Thyme as well as sports programs from their YMCA as well as seasonal street fair celebrations – making this an ideal setting for growing kids!

New Jersey suburbs are well known for their outstanding schools and family-friendly amenities, but city living should never be excluded if you have young kids. Many New Jersey towns provide both suburban conveniences as well as urban experiences – such as local libraries, boutique stores, parks and great dining opportunities.

If commuting to NYC is important to you, look for schools with direct train service and homes within close proximity. Short Hills, Summit and Montclair all fit this mold perfectly, providing top-rated schools within an easy commute of Manhattan. Or try Mountain Lakes or Demarest with lake lifestyle amenities or high-class settings as alternatives.

Jersey City and Paterson also score high ratings when it comes to family friendly living in New Jersey, thanks to their vibrant downtown areas that boast great restaurants, shopping malls, beaches, and affordable commutes to NYC. Paterson boasts low crime rates as well as being home to numerous companies that specialize in garment manufacturing, electronics components manufacturing and cosmetic production – perfect places for raising a family without being isolated in nature. Additionally, both cities boast low crime rates that attract workers from the surrounding areas while simultaneously drawing young families looking for affordable commutes to NYC from nearby areas while providing young families an affordable commute into NYC from which many areas nearby while surrounding local companies produce various garments made out of clothing to electronic components manufacturing to cosmetic production companies located throughout Paterson – perfect spots in NJ where families prefer urban living!

5. Metuchen

Metuchen may be just what your family needs for a suburban lifestyle! Situated in Middlesex County, Metuchen is a small borough with big charm. Residents enjoy strolling or jogging along tree-lined streets, shopping at its quaint downtown stores, attending community events such as parades, arts & crafts festivals and country fairs and its many recreational trails with charming colonial houses.

Metuchen is known for its extremely low crime rates and affordable living costs, making it an attractive choice for families looking for an upscale NJ suburb to raise children. Metuchen offers excellent schools as well as a friendly community atmosphere that families will surely love.

Westfield is another wonderful spot for families, boasting low crime rates and an active downtown district. Its close proximity to New York makes it ideal for parents working there who wish to provide their kids with a safe and secure upbringing.

Summit may not be the cheapest place to live, but its excellent schools and variety of activities make it an appealing option for families. Summit boasts a vibrant downtown full of tasty restaurants, interesting stores, and recreational facilities; and its residents take great pride in their small-town heritage.

When searching for the ideal places to live in New Jersey for families, it’s essential to consider all aspects of a community. If daily commuting to NYC is required, seek towns with direct train service and homes close by the station – Short Hills, Summit and Montclair all meet this criteria and are among the top choices for young families in NJ.

November 12, 2023 3:13 am